• hola a todos, espero Que Alguien de habla hispana Pueda leer esto, Mi Problema es Que Tengo Demasiado lag en djmax, POR EJEMPLO al apretar comenzar en  una canción se Demora 16 Segundos en comenzar a cargar , alguien sabe que puede ser ? quiza mis dns o algo?

    pd: soy de Chile y mi ISP es Telefónica del Sur

    de ante mano muchas gracias!


    hi all, hope someone speaks Spanish Can Read This, My problem is I have too lag in djmax, EG start squeezing in a song is 16 Seconds Delay start charging someone know you can be? maybe my dns or something? 

    PS: I am from Chile and my ISP is Telefonica del Sur 

    thank you very much beforehand!
  • hum this problem is. your internet connection or Computer Problem..

    Check your PC. AND internet connection Speed.


    Speed Check is use this website

  • 13.24 mbps...
  • and check your ping.


    My Internet connection speed 543Mbps / ping is 4ms

  • 29 ms, i try with a other wifi conection and the game run perfectly =( , my internet company need the ip of the server and port for fix the problem. can i know the ip of the server?


    its my only change for solve the problem and play tranquility

  • Sometimes the server has issues.... only solution is to wait it out.

    The main issue is distance from the server and nothing can be done about that. 
  • 卧槽西语都出来了 吓尿了好吗。。

    hola my amigo

    the djmax server from china,and transnational connection has nothing to do with your network bandwidth

    so you can try using VPN transfer, i guess should be a good many

    have a good time