DJMax.pak crashing/error
  • I have a problem with my DJMax.pak.
    Everytime i run patcher after starting from there the DJMax.pak is just stopped woriking.
    Is there any fix for this?
    I can play it before this problem occur after i delete the game and extract it again (patching is normal)
    OS: Windows 8.1 64bit
  • Make sure antivirus software or firewall is not getting in the way.

    Crashing usually due to versions not matching or error during patching.

    Could be other issues causing it too.....
  • My firewall is off, antivirus seems not read djmax.pak as a threat (windows defender by the way).
    I think patching seems to be normal. i try using some trick when ran it yesterday.
    I launched the patcher when internet turned off so the patcher will show start game, then connect it to internet again and start the game and it runs. (it was on ver. 14072000)

    After using that tricks, now it runs with no problems.