Oblivion Rockin' Night shows up but can't play it
  • Hello to all,

    For some reason, the song Oblivion Rockin' Night shows up on my list, but I can't play it, if I try to, it tries to start to download the song.
    Maybe I'm missing a file? I checked my files with the available ZIP and they match...

    Best regards,
  • Double check to make sure latest version is installed correctly.

    Try re-downloading and making sure anti-virus/firewall is not blocking djmax.pak when updating.

    Files sometimes get corrupted or are deleted. 

  • Base install package is "DJMax_Online_140303.zip" with latest updates installed (I can enter and login in game and play).

    Anti-Virus has "djmax.pak" in whitelist since installation of the game.

    Still, I find no related files to the song in the folder (example: "oblivion.pak" file is related to music "Oblivion", "rayof.pak" related to "Ray of Illuminati").
    You know the name of the files related to rockin' night style? Maybe I'm skipping them when checking visually...

    Also, why are there some "pak" files with a @ at the beginning of the file?

    Also, may be usefull: "DJmax.pak" file CRC32 is: A5374645.


    Best regards.
  • Sorry to bump this up, but I still can't seem to find the problem why I can't play this song.
    This time I've included a photo of the game menu (no prtsc in game, lol): http://i.imgur.com/M9HLzth.jpg

    As you can see, that song for some reason, asks me to download.
    All I need to know is the PAK file I need for it. I even may have that PAK around in some DVD from the times I used to play in the original servers. I still have some original setups of the game burned around (ex: DJMaxVol2_FULL_2.50). With luck some setup will have the PAK file needed.
    Also, not shure if it's related, but I do have the file "oblivion1.pak" in the folder.

    If someone is willing to help me out, here's my complete folder filelist so that can help finding out the missing file: http://www.mixwaves.webs.com/djmax_online_filelist.txt

    Best regards.
  • Just to inform that I managed to solve the issue.

    Downloaded the most recent file "DJMax_Patch_140303_to_150131.zip", and found out that for some unknown reason, my "oblivion1.pak" file was only around 1MB when it should be around 9MB...

    Replaced the 1MB file with the 9MB file and it's OK now.

    Best Regards.