Do you have a plan about 'course play lists opening' ?
  • I think djmax's boss is very busy. T.T

    This is a main question.

    Do you have plans about incresing courses and opening unreleased djmax songs?

    Now, there is not a 'sweet dream' song so we can't play a 'crush!!' course.
    And there were 73 courses, but now 1/2..

    I want to listen boss's answer.
    Yes. ok.
    No. ok
    Just give me the answer please.
    Do you have the above plans?
  • Would also like to know.

    Last update was 31.08.2014

    No christmas event and almost no word from anyone regarding status.

    Just as long as server stays alive for as long as it possibly can, let's keep playing! 
  • metal/ Absolutely you're right. Let's keep playing!
  • The djmax team you think is not a commercial company so they run this server voluntarily and unpaidly.
    The only thing we can do is keeping playing with our gratitude, any complain about updates is unrealistic.
  • 蛋蛋 / I got it. Thank you for writing a wise advice.
  • I Want to Many Course...(Bold is Korean's Premium Course, But this China's Course is All Free)

    38 Indigo Style
    39 Violet MAX
    40 Croove
    41 Enjoy DJMAX(K-pop Style)
    42 Cool Kool
    43 Fire
    44 NG
    45 Mechanic Flame
    46 Classic Land -2-
    47 Forte Escape(Longest Course)
    48 December Story
    49 Carol Course
    50 Misery
    51 Soul Mate
    52 MANICure
    53 Rockin's Fever
    54 MaX Bomb
    55 Love Sensation
    56 Da-da-DA
    57 DMP Beginner
    58 DMP Master
    59 Starfall
    60 Electronic Boutique
    61 Remix Station(Speed Bat Course)
    62 ESTi(Fog Course)
    63 Red eYe(Speed x2 Course, Impossible F4, F5)
    64 Jazz Bar
    65 Makasa<-Why it is Easy Course?
    66 Broken Knuckles
    67 Slow Day(Speed x1.5 Course, Impossible F4, F5)
    68 ShininG Day(High Level Course)
    69 Classic Land -3-
    70 Night in the Dis hallucination
    71 Our Guardians
    72 Angelic Melody
    73 Keyboard Breaker...

    in Korean Netmarble DJMAX Course 

  • Wish u a good playing time :)
  • Today's Update Course...

    38 Indigo Style
    39 Violet MAX
    40 Croove
    41 Enjoy DJMAX(K-pop Style)
    42 Cool Kool
    43 Fire

    And 30 More Courses Update Please...