Missing Songs from 3 courses.
  • Curious as to if this can be modified or when songs will be added.

    Enjoy DJMAX !: Phone Number not available 

    Fire !: Sweet (MX?) not available.

    Crush !: Sweet Love HD not available.

    Courses cannot be played, songs are not yet in game. 

  • DJ.Metals/Enjoy DJMAX's Last Song is Phone Number(Sung by Jinusean)

    And Fire! is not Sweet Love, it is Sweet(Sung by Casker)
  • Thank you for correction.
  • i think phone number and sweet love not exist

    song list so course can not play

    but phone number and sweet love pak file in folder,admin not upload i think
  • Thank you for that infomation, will be fix in few days. Have fun with 250% MAX :)
  • Thank you very much for the response!